Who Are The Defenders? Marvel’s The Defenders Sneak Peek at #SDCC #StreamTeam

Who Are The Defenders? Marvel’s The Defenders Sneak Peek at #SDCC #StreamTeam

There are so many threads now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that outstretch to films, televisions, and comic books. I imagine that the planning room for all of this looks much like an evil scientist’s lab and Frankenstein’s monster is nearly complete. 


Netflix has yet another part in the Marvel superhero realm with the debut of their teaser trailer for The Defenders at this year’s ComicCon.

Who Are The Defenders?

Netflix will debut The Defenders in 2017 and this lineup includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This makes sense since it was announced that each of them would have their own series on Netflix.

Netflix The Defenders

However, the original group of Defenders was led by Doctor Strange and included Silver Surfer, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Hulk. The comic book series represented a number of rotating members, which at one point included Luke Cage; some stayed for a period of time, others were extremely temporary.

They were far different from our more recognized MCU heroes, The Avengers; The Defenders were considered to be outsiders and are more of a “non-team” team.

The big question now is will Benedict Cumberbatch, who is starring in his own MCU film as Doctor Strange, make a television appearance on Netflix’s The Defenders?


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