Welcome! Come out from under that rock if you’ve not yet seen the new trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man. Here’s two things we know for sure; first, we can tell this is going to be kind of a big deal. I mean, Marvel hasn’t really done us wrong, even with Guardians of the Galaxy, which was essentially a back room comic series.

Second, we know that you don’t have to be a comic book nerd to watch Marvel movies. They’re smart enough to get awesome directors, stellar script writers and a few hot men to guide geeks and non-geeks alike into a movie theater.

So, for those that don’t have a stack of Ant-Man comics under your bed, here’s the most simple breakdown of Marvel’s Ant-Man!

Ant-Man Character Breakdown

In the new movie from Disney/Marvel, hitting theaters July 17th, we get to see a sort of passing the torch from Ant-Man to Ant-Man. Paul Rudd as the current, much younger, much hotter Ant-Man/Scott Lang. Michael Douglas as the original, much older Ant-Man/Hank Pym.

Hank Pym is the creator of Pym Particles which are used to produce the serum he uses to become Ant-man. Combined with other genetic experiments, he uses this serum to transform himself and others into various characters from the Marvel universe, including Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellow Jacket, and even his on again/off again love interest and sidekick Janet Van Dyne/Wasp. 

It’s nice to have multifaceted capabilities, no?


Ant-Man Story Breakdown

Scott Lang (Rudd) is essentially recruited by Hank Pym (Douglas) when Lang’s life is at it’s worst – he’s been arrested, sentenced to prison, but is released early for good behavior. He lands a job at Stark Enterprises (yes, as in Tony Stark/Iron Man). His daughter becomes ill and the doctor that’s capable of saving his daughter is being held prisoner. Lang must break into the home of Pym in order to save her – all of which will most likely be explained in the film. It’s how Lang meets Pym, but Pym has had his eye on Lang for some time, as you’ll see in the film. This sounds incredibly creepy, especially with the trailer’s looming-doom-music and the fact that Pym tells Lang this in what looks like an underground lair (an obvious sign of evil-doing) but I promise, it’s all in good sport.

Most importantly, it’s the film that is said to complete Phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe and move on to Phase 3 – the one everyone has gone bonkers about for the last few months.


5 Reason You Want To See Ant-Man

1. Paul Rudd – He’s charming, cute as hell and can deliver a sarcastic movie line like nobody’s damn business.

2. Marvel – It’s a freaking Marvel movie. Name one Marvel movie you’ve hated. Betcha can’t. I betcha can’t.

3. Evangeline Lilly – She’s gorgeous and she kicks the ant crap out of Paul Rudd. Good times. 

4. It opens in July. Go enjoy the air conditioning at the movie theaters, at the very least.

5. In true Marvel style, you’re bound to see an awesome teaser that leads to the next awesome Marvel awesomeness. 

Downside: We see just how disgusting the bottom of Scott Lang’s bathtub is. Scrubbing Bubbles, Scott; they do the work for you.

Let’s Go Back. Way, Way Back

Ant-Man was created by legendary comic book Gods Stan Lee and Jack Kirby even before Thor, Hulk and Spider-Man. His helmet is cybernetic and allows him to communicate with, and control, ants. His costume allows him to maintain his secret identity (I mean, obviously) and to keep his unusual strength, even when small. It’s believed that in the film, the suit is used to increase his strength, as well.

Tricked by Asgardian God Loki to join in a plan against Thor, Ant-Man teams with the Avengers – in fact, it’s Ant-Man who comes up with the name ‘Avengers’ – when his alter ego Giant-Man is created out of feelings of inadequecy when compared to Thor and Loki. Of course, so typical of a man. He also created the robot Ultron who becomes one of the Avengers greatest foes (as in, Avengers: Age of Ultron opening in theaters this May!). Whoops.

Henry Pym, the original Ant-Man, is a genius with a PhD in Biochemistry and is an expert in the fields of quantum physics, robotics/cybernetics, artificial intelligence and others.

HOT TIP: One of readers, David, a blogger himself, brought a great point that ties the comic book to the film. “One of Ant-Man’s B-list baddies from the comics is Darren Cross. Best guess is that Cross (played by House of Cards‘ Corey Stoll) has been promoted to the A-list and will serve as the film’s primary villain. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe likes to play with names and backstories, we also see Stoll credited as one of Pym’s former mantles: Yellowjacket.

As this story centers more around Lang’s Ant-Man, don’t expect to see Wasp make an appearance. But, a nice nod in her direction comes from the appearance of she and Pym’s daughter (portrayed by Evangeline Lilly) and the now-famous shot of Ant-Man riding a wasp is a fun reference just for the comic fans.”

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