Mix Up Your Favorite Drink With Mixology Dice

Mixology Dice
Beer is boring and a Margarita is meh. Now you can create signature cocktails and traditional favorites wherever you go. Sure, go ahead and pull up an “app for that” but I guarantee you it won’t amuse your friends or bring the fun of drink creation like Mixology Dice™.

Our friends at Mixology Dice™ sent us a set of dice so that can show off the fun to our followers. All opinion are our own, sober or otherwise.

Mixology Dice
After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, and following their equally successful Foodie Dice™, Mixology Dice™ was created to help people like me who enjoy drinking socially but are inept when it comes to creating the drinks that I or my friends enjoy drinking. Unlike most apps, you can actually create your own signature drinks – something Doug and I had talked about doing at our wedding.

In fact, these would be the perfect addition to any event or party! Imagine you and your friends helping to create their own signature drinks with just a few pre-stocked ingredients.

The key to making a good drink is a balance of flavors achieved by mixing basic elements—spirits, sugar, citrus, bitters, etc.—in the correct amounts. Using Mixology Dice™, you’re shown exactly which dice to roll to make specific types of traditional drinks, and what ratios of ingredients to use.

Mixology Dice

Once you’ve learned the basics, the dice keep providing inspiration for creating tasty new drinks. Each set includes 8 laser engraved dice that feature ingredient combinations for your spirit, sugar, liqueur, citrus, fruit, herb, spice, and bitters. With these dice, you’re able to make a variety of Cocktail, Sour, Fizz, Smash, Punch, Flip, Swizzle, and Rickey and create your own signature drink. There’s also an easy-to-carry instruction booklet that shows you exactly which dice to roll to make specific types of traditional drinks, what ratios of ingredients to use, and general mixing tips.

Mixology Dice™ are made in the USA from domestic birch, and come packaged in a reclaimed wine bottle tumbler or cotton muslin drawstring pouch. We suggest both – one for home and one to travel wherever you go!

Mixology Dice™ are available for pre-order now for both the tumbler and the pouch. Be sure to check out their Foodie Dice™ to create delicious but simple recipes that will impress.

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