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I’ve already seen it twice (UPDATE: It’s now 2+ years later and it’s STILL the only Blu-Ray in our player) – that’s how much I enjoy love Disney’s newest animated film, Frozen, released in theaters November 27th. Among the star-studded cast is the dreamy, Tony nominated Santino Fontana as Prince Hans. While in LA for the premier, a group of bloggers, myself included, were able to sit down and talk with Fontana about his new role as a Disney prince.

Disney Frozen Prince HansOriginally slated for another role, Santino Fontana was brought in two years after the project for which he auditioned was scrapped.

The very first time when I was playing like this like, happy tour guide guy, it was completely different than the Hans stuff initially,” Fontana explained of the character as he was originally written. “[The character] was very regal and very… he was very like Henry V for a lot of it.  Yeah.  And then the twists started to come.

As to not give to much away, the characters, Fontana explained, aren’t what they appear, including the character for which he provides his voice – Hans – one of the major characters Disney Frozen.

Everyone starts as an outsider, really,” Fontana said. “We don’t know where Elsa’s coming from. We don’t know where the Duke of Weselton is coming from. We don’t really know where Kristoff is coming from. I think it’s a great testament to what Jenn [Lee, Writer/Director] wrote, what Chris [Buck, Writer/Director] directed and Peter[Del Vecho, Producer] worked on; it’s all in the writing.

Santino Fontana interview
So how similar is Fontana – whose charm is reminiscent to that of the teen idols that adorned our walls as giddy teenagers – to Prince Hans?

Hans doesn’t have a huge sense of humor,” Fontana smiles, thinking of his character. “I like to think that I have a good sense of humor.  I like to keep people laughing or myself laughing, because life is too hard otherwise.

We don’t mind his affinity for laughing as most of us in the room are entranced by his smile. Did I mention that he’s playing Prince Charming in Cinderella on Broadway? The reason for the casting becomes apparent as soon as you see that smile. Wait, where was I?

From starting out as a turkey in a pre-school play to playing two princes in a year’s time, this Tony nominee may be the perfect weapon to keep in Disney’s arsenal.

I loved Aladdin as a kid and I remember seeing all those [Disney] movies.  I remember the day we all – me and my family and my family’s friends – we all went to see Little Mermaid,” Fontana recalls of his earliest Disney memories. “I remember going to all those great Disney movies and being obsessed with them.  I remember being obsessed with Robin Williams in Aladdin.  So the idea to be a part of that family is so exciting.

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