My New Favorite Shoes From Shoe Bakery: Cute Enough To Eat!

I hate to be the cliche but yes, I do love handbags and shoes.

Now, I don’t have a collection large enough to facilitate an entire Carrie Bradshaw-worthy closet, but I can certainly appreciate a pretty shoe or stylish purse. That’s why I flipped my lid for a new footwear collection that is designed to look like our most favorite desserts!

Shoes and accessories from rising shoe designer outlet Shoe Bakery

Shoe Bakery is a shoe company that creates flats, heels, and wedges that inspired by cakes and ice cream.

They carry Cinnabon-inspired heels, Red Velvet Cake wedges, and my new favorite, my sprinkle toed flats that even smell like lavender.

If that’s not enough of your favorite things, then how about the Unicorn Bag Collection the brand is working on releasing? Seriously, both the 40-year-old and 4-year-old girl that is me is squealing right this very moment.

Lavender scented Jimmie Sprinkle Flats from Shoe Bakery

The brand is based in Orlando, FL and their creations can only be described as irresistible, indulgent, and decadent.

The inspiration behind Shoe Bakery is that the shoes are sweet treats for your feet with accessories to go along with them. The brand is creating one-of-a-kind, handmade shoes that will bring out your sweet side and have everyone drooling over your new obsession!

Lavender scented Jimmie Sprinkle Flats from Shoe Bakery

Here’s the awesome kicker – we found out that the designer of these deliciously designed shoes is a gentleman named Chris Campbell.

A boy, ladies, designed these shoes and we love him for it!

Okay, a man. Anyway, Chris is the head artist – the ‘baker’, if you will – behind Shoe Bakery. He hustled his lifelong passion for sweets and desserts and mixed it with a love of shoes and style.

From each design concept to the final product, Chris takes a completely hands-on approach with every pair of shoes to make them as sweet and unique as possible, according to their website.

Ice Cream Sandwich Card Holder and Wallet from Shoe Bakery

Chris and his wife run Shoe Bakery together as a family, which, of course, we LOVE!

“I feel that every woman deserves to feel special, and not have the same shoes that someone else does,” says Chris.

Damn, that’s good. Go buy his shoes, seriously.

You can take a look at the entire collection on their site, but be sure to follow Shoe Bakery on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram! Show them some love!

Our friends at Shoe Bakery sent us a pair of their Jimmie Flats and a few other items to facilitate our review. All opinions are my own.

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