Our Generation is a new line of affordable dolls for kids

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Ella is now at the age where her imagination is easily fueled and playtime is much more fun. We like to play dress up, make up stories and she’s started to really enjoy playing with dolls. Because of her small hands, small dolls like Barbie are far too small for her to interact with; we find that larger dolls suite her far better for playtime, so we were excited to try the new Our Generation Dolls.

Our Generation dolls


Our Generation has a variety of dolls and accessories that your child can mix and match. Ella received their “Off the Beaten Path” bundle which included an 18″ doll, a Jeep, a tent and camping accessories so right out of the box, we had an instant kit for imagination. We set up her tent and campsite, drove the doll in her Jeep, and had so much fun playing with the accessories (which were small ones not recommended for Ella’s age but I watched very closely).

Our Generation dolls Off the Beaten Path Bundle

Off the Beaten Path with Our Generation Dolls

Having a new doll with which to play isn’t as much fun as having a whole kit! The Off the Beaten Path Bundle comes with a tent, a sleeping bag, a harmonica and song book, a water bottle, a frying pan, spatula, pot with 1 lid, ladle and an OG Outfitters catalog. Now that’s a starter kit for any doll lover!

Accessories are key

With kits available like their R.V. Seeing You kit, clothing kits, pets and more – and for far less than similar competitive doll brands – your child can continue to grow their imagination beyond their bedroom.

Ella really seemed to enjoy the accessories but because they’re not recommended for kids under 3, we were really careful about her using them. You may want to keep these separate from the doll until your child is old enough, but Our Generation has plenty of size-appropriate accessories available.

You can purchase Our Generation dolls and kits at stores like Target and on Amazon. You can also sign up for their newsletter for new product updates and more information on their products.

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