The Kit For Artists Of All Ages: Pentel POPs With Pastel, Sparkle, and Neon ink

The Kit For Artists Of All Ages: Pentel POPs With Pastel, Sparkle, and Neon ink

Pentel has a new set of pens that are out of the ordinary. Check out their collection of Solar Pop, Milky Pop, and Sparkle Pop Pens that are a must-have before the kids head back to school! Plus, enter to win $30 of Pentel POP products. PLUS, a 50% off code for the whole set on Amazon!

As they grew up, my kids couldn’t be more different from each other. My son was very active, always moving, and quiet. My daughter is more of a thinker; she loves to read, draw, and paint. And man, can that girl ask questions like she’s getting paid by the word.

Recently, the folks at Pentel – who make my favorite EnerGel Gel Ink pens – offered to send Ella a surprise package. I wondered what could they possible send that she would enjoy. The girl loves to create, and you can’t create much with blue or black ink and a few pencils, right?

Kids are loving the new Pentel Color POP milky, sparkle, and solar ink pens

Pentel has an amazing collection of new pens that include Milky Pop, Solar Pop, and Sparkle Pop pens in this limited series collector’s edition.

These pens, for me, are so reminiscent of ones that we had in the 80s, but a better version. They’re perfect for black poster board or construction paper which really makes them POP (see what I did there?) and you can joosh up your greeting cards, fun drawings and doodles, and even a good coloring book.

Pentel's new Milky Ink pens

Pentel's new Solar Ink pens

Pentel's new Sparkle Ink pens

The possibilities are quite endless with these pens – even Pentel knows that because they’ve created a site where they share ideas on ways you can use these fun pastel, sparkle, and neon ink pens!

I’ll admit that I’ve even stolen her pens a few times because they help me add a little more excitement to an otherwise really boring date book.

Pentel's new collection of milky, sparkle, and solar ink pens

I adore these pens! The lines are clean and don’t bleed, they have a comfortable grip, and they’re a must-have before school starts this fall. They’re definitely the key to give your child’s science project or book report the extra her teacher is looking for.

Our color popping friends at Pentel are giving one of our readers $30 worth of Pentel POP products! Then you’ll be able to see why we love them so much! PLUS, use coupon code 50POPBOX on Amazon to get 50% off the entire set of Pentel POP pens!

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We were given this set of pens from Pentel to facilitate our review. All opinion are our own.

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