Peppa Pig Jumbo Play Mat And Magnetic Dress Up Toys Review

Peppa Pig Jumbo Play Mat And Magnetic Dress Up Toys Review

There are very few cartoons that my 6-year-old enjoys that are also ones that don’t drive me insane after 3 episodes. Peppa Pig and My Little Pony are just two in a very short list. Peppa Pig will always be a bit of a favorite because when she was a bit younger, she would speak in her best attempt at a British accent and it was adorable!

She jumped at the chance to play with a few new toys featuring Peppa Pig and her little brother, George. All British accents are our own.

Peppa Pig Jumbo Playmat with cars

Peppa Pig Jumbo Mega Play Mat

Our little one has had a few play mats in her day, mostly ones that were made of what felt like berber carpet. This isn’t very comfortable on which to crawl and can make for a challenging clean up.

With the Peppa Pig Jumbo Mega Mat, kids can laugh and snort with Peppa Pig and her little brother George as they ride around the neighborhood! The mat is brightly colored and printed on over 5 feet of Eva foam. Eva foam is what foam play tiles are made of and it’s even used for cosplay costumes because it’s so soft and pliable. Much more so than berber carpet tiles!

Peppa Pig washable playmat

Pretend to have a picnic in the park, make sandcastles on the beach or join Peppa’s friends in the bouncy castle.  Peppa’s play mat retails for around $29.99 and Ella loves it. It comes with two cars – Peppa and George – blister packed at the top of the rolled mat.

To clean it, we just take a sanitizing wipe to the cars and to the mat, roll it up, and put it in the closet until next time. 

Peppa Pig Jumbo Playmat is completely washable and very soft

Peppa Pig Magnetic Wood Dress Up Box

There are few little girls (and some boys!) who don’t love playing dress up, even if it’s with dolls. The set comes with a large wooden Peppa, a base, and 25 pieces of dress up items. Mix and match using the 8 tops, 13 bottoms and 4 icons, plus lots of cool features, including chunky, easy to grip magnetic wood pieces and a wooden box for easy storage. 

Peppa Pig Magnetic Wood Dress Up Box Set

The pieces seem pretty sturdy and for only around $12.99, the price seems reasonable, especially to keep in the car for long or short road trips or for keeping busy waiting at the doctor’s office.

Peppa Pig dress up with Peppa Pig and magnetic pieces

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