I don’t care how many blog posts or magazine articles you read about the 5,000 ideas for packing your child’s lunch, none of my children will ever pack – or eat, for that matter – couscous or mushroom barley soup. Yep. These are honestly just a few ideas I came across as I started to generate ideas for packing lunches again. My son is in high school, and it’s just “not cool” to pack a lunch. He’s also a picky eater so pleasing him food-wise is damn near impossible.

My daughter is starting Kindergarten this year, so she’s all too happy to let me pack her lunches. As long as it contains only macaroni and cheese or pizza. Ever. We know this isn’t practical, but neither is couscous. We need middle ground. We need practical, real life ideas for our kid’s lunch.

Here’s my simple idea: create a printable kid-friendly grocery list and let them choose from the categories. Sure, their lunches might not always contain the 4 essential food groups and I can’t guarantee that items won’t be traded or thrown out, but at least I stand a better chance of feeling better about myself as a mom if I attempt a kid-friendly, practical packed lunch.

Also, I am not that mom that spends an hour creating panda-faced sandwiches. So, we’ve compiled a printable grocery list just for your kids! They can print it and check one or two items they love in each category each week before mom or dad goes grocery shopping. That way, they’re more likely to eat the items in their lunches that they’ve chosen!

Printable grocery list for kids lunches
Click here for a printable version

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