Prep for #BlogHer12: I can’t take what on the plane?

In case I haven’t made it excitedly clear, I will be attending BlogHer for the first time ever. It’s in New York this year, so there’s a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding the event. Apparently, east coasters are super excited about the blogging convention being held in their backyard. I’m in Ohio, so I’m debating whether to fly or drive.

Flying seems like such a hazard these days with the new TSA pat downs (the once-overs/the reach arounds/the how’s-your-twig-and-berries touch as I’ve heard them called so far), the restrictions on what you can check, what you can carry, and what you can’t take at all. Although most of the restrictions seem like common sense.

Sharp Objects

Item Carry-on Checked
Box Cutters No Yes
Ice Axes/Ice Picks No Yes
Knives – except for plastic or round bladed butter knives No Yes
Meat Cleavers No Yes
Razor-Type Blades – such as box cutters, utility knives, and safety razor blades (disposable razors and their cartridges are permitted) No Yes
Sabers No Yes
Scissors – metal with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inches Yes Yes
Swords – cutting or thrusting weapons, including fencing foils No Yes
*Information from
Seems like good rule-of-thumb anyway. Although I’m curious about the type of world we live in when a simple midwestern gal can’t take her trusty meat cleaver on plane with her. I wonder if any TSA Agent has really had to argue about the meat cleaver or saber restriction. I imagine if it’s on here, then it’s happened.
But shoe inserts? Apparently “gel shoe inserts are not permitted, but shoes constructed with gel heels are allowed and must be removed and screened.” Lord help you if you have arthritis or a bad back. Or stinky feet.
Sno-globes are also a no-no, along with your everyday tear gas, dynamite and torches. Good thing most super heroes have their own mode of transportation, even if they’re occasionally invisible.
No, I’m not questioning the methods of the TSA or Homeland Security. I realize that much of this is necessary even if it does seem silly. Most of this is common sense, but it’s sad that many of these things have to be listed.
On a side note, here’s my to-do list so far:
I need shoes, dress and comfortable
I need luggage. Seriously, I have no luggage
Waiting for final paperwork from my sponsor (who I will reveal soon!)
Decide if I’m driving or flying, neither of which I can afford 🙂
Hotel – booked, ticket – almost purchased. My lovely new friend is holding on to it for me (TY!)
One outfit confirmed and posted on my new BlogHer 12 Pinterest Board
Note: If you’re a company who would like representation at BlogHer, you can find the information here!

3 thoughts on “Prep for #BlogHer12: I can’t take what on the plane?”

  • Congrats on being able to attend. If it where me I would drive as I am afraid of flying plus I think it would make packing easier as I could take as much or as little as I wanted. Although with me I would end up with the whole house and still worry that I forgot something.

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  • I just read this information on the website.  Nothing was mentioned about Tweezers though, and I’m sorry but I can’t go 3 or 4 days without a pair of tweezers ;-).  I’ll check them, carry them on, whatever…but I HAVE TO HAVE Tweezers bhahahahaa!!  As far as driving or flying, we had this discussion on Twitter.  I don’t drive much or far distances and I can’t imagine having to drive for 10 hours.  For me, it’s flying or NO GO!  I don’t want to fly, but I don’t want to drive more than I don’t want to fly.  Anyhoo, I hope to meet you there…we’ll have to exchange info before we go!  Look out NYC!!!!!

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