Technology is great, isn’t it? When was the last time you left your smartphone at home and didn’t freak out?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

It’s not a bad thing. As parents (especially moms), we must find ways to make multi-tasking easier. Walks with the baby, exercising, bike rides – having your phone in your pocket, or stealing valuable cupholder space in your stroller, is just not pratical.

The Texthook, as basic as it’s name, can help you get done what you need done while you’re doing what you’re doing… did you get that? The Texthook works with many popular phones and cases with its adjustable height and width. Your phone snaps easily into The Texthook, and then snaps onto your bike, stroller, or other on-the-go-mobile.

With The Texthook, you can text, talk or email while exercising, shopping, or walking with the kids. It can rotate 180 degrees, so you can see your phone at any angle.

It attaches using a velcro strap, so it’s completely adjustable! You can by The Texthook for only $25.99 online, or you can search for a store that carries it near you.

You can also connect with The Texthook on Facebook and on Twitter – be sure to stay connected with them while on the go!

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Dusty is the editor of As Mom Sees It, a family lifestyle and travel site. She is a wife and mother of two in Ohio.

Dusty has been featured on ABC, on Mom Talk Radio and in iBlog Magazine. Her creations have been featured on Craftgawker, DIY Weddings, and in 2013, As Mom Sees It was named one of the Top 50 New Product Review Sites by Cision.

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