I do not like seafood. I don’t mind shrimp, but my tolerance for shrimp was not enough to make me visit a seafood restaurant. I pictured walking in to see an expansive, dirty lobster tank and be overwhelmed by an overly pungent fish smell. None of that appealed to me, so I’ve never once, in my entire life, visited a Red Lobster restaurant. I was more than pleasantly surprised, however, during our recent visit for dinner. It was the first time any of us had ever eaten there, despite that there are two locations conveniently nearby. (There was a small, well-kept lobster tank which we enjoyed and surprisingly, no overwhelming fish smell!)

Red Lobster biscuits

I’ve heard everyone rave about the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and rightfully so; they were delicious! Not an overwhelming flavor, and ours were oven fresh, so they were buttery and delicious. We also ordered the coconut shrimp for an appetizer and, despite that three of the four of us had no interest in ordering any seafood, we all ate them – all of us, even Ella. She wasn’t a fan, but she tried them and that speaks volumes.

The restaurant has recently revamped their menu to include more meal choices under $15 and an increased number of non-seafood items, which will make the restaurant more appealing to a wider audience. There are also new lighter options so that diners can make health-conscious choices, even while dining out. Red Lobster also offers a 4-Course Feast which allows guests to choose a soup, a salad, one of nine entrées and a dessert, with unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits, all for only $15.99. That can fit into any family’s budget!

Red Lobster chicken

I ordered a delicious chicken dish and I was pleasantly surprised at how many non-seafood choices they had. The prices were far less than I thought they’d be – our family ordered drinks, Matt and I each had an adult beverage, we ordered appetizers and full meals and our bill was less than $70.

Red Lobster birthday

We celebrated Garrett’s birthday while we were there and, though the service was amazing during our entire meal, their bringing G ice cream with a candle was what separated Red Lobster from other restaurants. There are so few restaurants – and Toledo has many of them – that recognize birthdays anymore. So often, we hear “We just don’t do that anymore,” and it was nice to have them present him with this goodie and to sing to him, making him feel special.

It was a great experience, even for those who don’t like seafood. There are many delicious meal options for both seafood- and non-seafood-lovers alike. In fact, I returned during the same week with a few friends to have dinner and drinks and was pleased to experience the same amazing service and friendly staff.

You can learn more about Red Lobster’s new menu online, and you can follow the restaurant on Twitter and on Facebook.


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  1. Planning to go there sometimes soon. I am not really big on seafood either. My uncle babysat me and my siblings when I was younger, and we all sat at the table crying at dinner. We could not get up unless we ate our dinner. Mackerel Patties. My mother finally got home to find us at the table crying. She told us to just eat. We cried to her how horrible it was. She tried a piece and spit it out telling my uncle there is no way anyone should have to eat that horrible stuff. Not sure if it was how he prepared them, or if it was the mackerel itself, but they were awfully horrible. Only seafood I can stand is Shrimp and Catfish. I have not really tried any other seafood really. I really do want to try lobster though. My mother says it is really good. Going on 29 years old and have never tried it, so when I do go that is what I will be ordering.

  2. i am glad to read this..i havent been to red lobster in years because im not a seafood eater either. its good to know that they have more things other than seafood now

  3. I am glad they revamped their menu. my husband loves Red Lobster but I don’t like any seafood. So we haven’t gone in ages because there wasn’t much I would eat, other then the biscuits. New that I know they have a new menu, I will have to take him to dinner there. Thanks for the post.

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