I’m just fine running errands around town.  I’ve had work commutes of over an hour, and somehow managed to endure that endless journey with no food or drinks beside me.   But just the thought of hitting the road for anything beyond the city limits gets my mental list of “road trip snacks” started.  

For years I automatically grabbed Cheetos (crunchy, thanks), Mountain Dew, and a Snickers bar or two.    But I decided that had to change when one trip included several days of gastrointestinal disaster.   While those yummies continue to be weaknesses, I’ve learned that my body responds better when I treat it with a bit more forethought.

Here’s my suggestions for a better selection of snacks for that summer road  trip you’re planning.

Yes, Do Drink and Drive

No, not the alcoholic type. Save that for your destination. But it’s important to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, throwing back a Dew or Coke might caffeinate you but it does little to support your body’s need for . . . wait for it . . . WATER.

Instead of the soda, find a bottled water that you like. Yes, it took me a bit to process the withdrawal from the junk drinks, but I don’t miss them. Now, my go-to is S.Pellegrino. For home and on the road. Yup, I’m a bit of a water snob.

A Need to Chew?

I’ve always liked something a little chewy while cruising down the highway.   Something flavorful, that takes more than a couple seconds to be gone.   While I don’t eat much meat, I’ve developed a liking for good quality jerky.    Key word, QUALITY.

There’s a lot of brands of jerky out there that I’d seriously hesitate to feed to a dog.  Do yourself a favor and go for the good stuff, which I found at the Craft Jerky Co.   Great variety,  and quality that will not disappoint. 

Satisfy The Munchies

One of the things that most of us have in common is our need to crunch and munch on things. The chip and cracker companies know this, and they know very well that we “cannot eat just one.” But let’s be honest, almost all chips and crackers are about the junkiest of junk food out there.

A great substitute is a tray of veggies. Splurge and get the one with the dip tray in the middle. A big plus here is there’s no crumbs, and you can get the trays in different sizes depending on whether you’re driving solo or with passengers.

Road trip ahead? Ditch the junk food and drinks. Your body will love you for it!

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