We’re just over two months living in our new custom home and the biggest complaint I have so far is that it’s much bigger than our old home. This is only a problem because we’ve relocated from a rental that was 900 square feet to a home we own that is almost 2700 square feet; we don’t have enough furniture or decor to fill the space! There are worse problems to have – am I right?

Galaxy Note 4

Something we never considered while building our home was how absolutely vital my new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be! Thanks to Samsung for providing us with the Galaxy Note 4 to facilitate this review and enhance our home building experience!

Keeping An Eye On The Old Homefront

We didn’t want to transfer the kids to the new school district when we moved during their second quarter, so we they began school in the new school district. This meant a ton of driving, from early morning to late afternoon. We were still getting packages at the old house so we needed to keep tabs on those with delivery notices. Because our schedule had become so predictable, it was likely we could be targeted by thieves.

Thanks to the 5.7 Quad HD Super AMOLED display, we used our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and our old Dropcam to catch and record someone stealing from our garage! The stunning display helped me see everything as it happened and play the recorded video for the cops, who were over-complimentary about the phone and its capabilities!

Dear Diary,

One thing that was very important to us was documenting the progress of our amazing home. This is our first home together, the first we’ve owned, it’s custom, and it’s our forever home. This is a home in which my children will grow and in which our grandchildren will visit. I hosted our family’s Christmas gathering here and we had room to spare. 

The unmatched 16MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is stunning! We documented everything and because of the crisp quality of the photos, we can create a photo book documenting the progress or we can create large prints to frame without losing any of the quality.

Galaxy Note 4

Decor Ideas A Plenty

As the construction came to an end, we would visit local furniture shops, second hand stores, thrift shops, and consignment shops for ideas for furniture and one-of-a-kind decor (like Doug’s giant tin rooster!).

Galaxy Note 4

We also worked with Blinds.com to create custom window coverings for my favorite room, the sunroom. We’re trying to achieve a cottage feel, so taking photos of the room, especially the windows, helped their designer make suggestions to the perfect product and where I should be measuring to achieve the perfect fit.

Virtual Tours

I love the ‘Virtual Tour’ setting on the phone’s camera. While I’m still learning to capture the tour more flawlessly, it’s been of great help sharing our home’s updates and progress with our family and friends and getting decor ideas.

Keeping My Fiancé Updated

Poor guy, stuck at work all day. Luckily I work from home, so I was able to keep an eye on the construction. I could see when crews were on time, when they didn’t show up, but most importantly, when major changes took place. My fiancĂ©, stuck at work, was missing it all until I found a fun way to keep him update.

Because of the amazing picture and video quality of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, I set the phone up to stream the construction live to him while he was at work! Using UStream, he could watch, in real time, the construction of our new home right from his desk. That was fun!

Build It Like It’s Hot

I can’t tell you how valuable it was to have an awesome hotspot available while we were building! Not working was not an option for me, and my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 kept us online so we could stay connected.

Even more valuable was the new Adaptive Fast Charging of the Note 4 which allowed me to charge up to 50% of my battery in just 30 minutes. If I couldn’t get to an outlet, the Ultra Power Saving Mode allowed me to still receive calls for up to 24 hours – even on 10% battery!

A Happy Contractor, A Happy Home

Galaxy Note 4

There’s so many details that go into building a home, let alone a custom home. There were many changes along the way and with our busy schedule, we couldn’t always get back to our contractors office every day. My contractor could send me screenshots of the plans, I could upload them to my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, use the SPen to make changes, and send the file back to him. Once everything was ready for final approval, we had records of all the changes we made and we could compare them to the new plans and verify and sign everything!

While my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 never picked up a hammer or hauled stone, it was a vital resource that helped us plan, build, and decorate our dream home.

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