It doesn’t matter that it isn’t here yet, or that many parts of the continent are still facing snow storms and cold weather, I’m ready for spring. Changing your décor seasonally will give you something fresh to look forward to, make you feel less bored with your home generally, and will also give you a chance to try out a new accent color.

Some of my favourite ways to change up a décor — re-painting walls, or adding fresh trim/baseboards — don’t work well for seasonal décor looks. Those updates work fantastically well for creating a new look, but it’s a bit of a commitment to paint your home just because it’s spring.

Change out your travel nicknacks

I’m a fan of collecting nicknacks when I travel, which instantly bring back memories of my trip when I look at them. Not all of the nicknacks work well with each other, however — not to mention the fact that I have far too many to display all at once.

Go crazy with the floral motif

The easiest way to make your place feel spring-y is to add some fresh flowers, or potted plants. This picture, below, actually shows some other great ideas, like stringing up colorful things around the home (or just concentrate on the mantel). This is such an easy DIY project, which is also very inexpensive.

spring seasonal decor
photo via UnderbaraClaras blog

Spring seasonal bedding

Heavy winter bedding is far too warm, getting in to spring. The pretty floral bedding above is just one way that you can easily change up your look seasonally. Duvet covers are another way to change your bedding, seasonally — which works well if it’s still cold where you live. The duvet can still be winter-warm, yet have a fresh spring look on the outside.

Quick spring seasonal décor

This DIY craft is free to do and is easily changeable. Brighten up a corner of your room or home with this hot pink and floral look:

spring DIY decor
DIY jam jar tutorial on Patchwork Harmony blog

How do you change up your décor seasonally?

About the Author:  left behind her career in interior design to live in Vancouver, Canada, where she writes the home organization, travel and DIY blog She enjoys the mild West Coast weather, and sharing her passion for home décor.

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  1. I’m so bad about decorating and rarely change anything at my house. It’s something I really need to work on. I love that springy floral bedding pictured in the post – so pretty!

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