My fiancé and I decided on a 4th of July wedding for several reasons; first, we’d always have the day off and second, we’d enjoy free fireworks on our anniversary every year. The date is easy to remember so neither of us should ever forget and decorations would be a snap!

But, I soon found that the very obvious red, white & blue and star-spangled decor started to be too much. We needed more elegant, understated decor that would still show off the beautiful colors of such a glorious day. We created these gorgeous layered sand candle holders that, depending on the colors that you use, can be utilized for any holiday or event.

Layered Sand

How beautiful are these? And, the wavy pattern just happens as you add the sand. These each took only 5 minutes to make and are sure to be used well past our wedding day.

layered sand

We found a few small glass container – or vases – that we liked for their shape and simplicity. You’ll want to keep in mind the size of the candle you’re looking to use – we’re using tealights, so we chose small vases.

Choose the colored sand you’d like. I found mine on because of the large selection, but you might also try your local craft or floral store. I also found a container to set the glass vase in to collect the sand I would spill.

layered sand

I used a spoon to layer the sand, but found that if your container of sand is easy to handle, it’s easier just to pour it in. Watch the sides to keep your layers as thick or as thin as you’d like. Keep the layers going until your reach about an inch from the top and tuck your tealight in, pushing slightly to secure the sides into the sand.

If you’re using a larger or longer candle, put the candle in the vase first and create the layers around the candle.

layered sand


The final result is gorgeous, simple and only took a few minutes. Depending on the deals you can find, and especially if you’re able to use containers you have around the house, these could be as little as $1 or less for each!

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  1. I have not tried to do this before. I know my kids have done the sand art before, but I haven’t. I bet this would be a fun outdoor summer activity for the whole family to do… Would be great with citronella candles too 🙂

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