Simply Balanced Snack Options With One Trip To Target #MyTargetEssentials

Simply Balanced Snack Options With One Trip To Target #MyTargetEssentials

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Getting your kids, or even your spouse, to snack healthy, is difficult. I know; I have a 5-year-old that is the pickiest eater likely on the face of the Earth. I have a teenager that hoards junk food like he’s waiting for an apocalypse, and I have a husband whose candy habits are likely why our dentist has a vacation home in the Bahamas. 

Here’s something I’ve learned that I’m hoping can help you. It’s a single word that changed the way our family snacks (most of the time, anyway). The word?


Target Simply Balanced

Getting Your Family’s Snacking Simply Balanced

Luckily, I can put a bowl of apples on the table and my preschooler will eat them whenever she’s hungry and wants to snack. My teenager isn’t having any of that; he’d rather hunt for the junk food. So, the word options definitely comes into play with him. Same with my husband and his candy-loving ways.

Finding snacks that are healthier options – ones with vitamins that are low in fat and contain natural ingredients – and stocking them instead of junk food seems obvious. But, if you’re a shopper who is used to buying junk food, it can be a hard habit to break.

Simply Balanced snack foods

We’re always at Target. You know what they say about Target – walk in for one thing and leave with a whole house full of things. That’s me, too. But, to that haul, we’ve started adding items from their new line of grocery items called Simply Balanced. This includes their snack food.

Simply Balanced snack options for kids

Now, I have a box in the pantry that is stocked full of Simply Balanced options like fruit and grain bars, granola bars, organic juice boxes, and more. So now, whenever the kids want a snack, they’re only allowed to choose from their snack box and they can choose what they’d like. Their options are limited to better ones, but they have options so they feel like the decision is theirs and there is no more whining at snack time.

Target Choose Well Snack Options


A Better Deal For Simply Balanced Snack Options

Shop Target’s Simply Balanced line of grocery items from September 13- 19 and select items will be 30% off when you use Target’s Cartwheel app! This is a great time to stock up on items as after school is prime snack time!

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