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Cosmic Cubs is a collection of kid-friendly apps
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Cosmic Cubs And Creator A “Model” For Kid-Friendly Apps

If you’re a parent or caretaker, you certainly understand how difficult it is to find and trust apps that are truly kid-friendly. Recently, we were introduced to Cosmic Cubs, a collection of kid-friendly apps that teach children about the universe in which they live. About Cosmic Cubs Creator Ann Kirsten Kennis has traveled the world …

MyQ Home Bridge adds smartphone control to your MyQ enabled garage door openers
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Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge Review: Smart Garage Door Controller For Convenience and Security

This post is sponsored by Chamberlain. I was paid for this post and received the featured Home Bridge as compensation. The Chamberlain MyQ® Home Bridge adds smartphone control to your MyQ® enabled garage door openers (without built-in Wi-Fi) and MyQ® lighting. Since we built our new home a few years ago, we’ve made efforts to make our home …


When There’s NOT An App For That: The Best Way To Fall Asleep With DreamScience

I love how everyone, since the invention of smartphones likely, thinks that an app is the cure-all for everything. Need to find the best scenic route for your road trip? There’s an app for that. Need to find ideas for your kitchen remodel? There’s an app for that. Can’t fall asleep? There’s an app for …