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“Monsters University” Creators Graduate And Move “Onward”

If Pixar tells me that Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are in the same film again, there’s no question – I’m giving them all of my money now. Like, how soon can we order tickets to this new film? The new film is, in fact, called “Onward” and besides Pratt and Holland, stars Octavia Spencer …

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5 Things That We Frickin Love About The Frickin Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 #GotGVol2

As we get closer to the theatrical release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we’re now being treated to full trailers instead of short teaser. We’re also learning more about what to expect from this highly anticipated follow-up to the first Guardians that made more than $774 million worldwide. Here are 5 things that …

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Fun #DisneyFrozen hidden Easter eggs! #DisneyFrozenEvent

Part of the fun of some of our favorite movies is seeing the hidden tricks, or Easter eggs, throughout. The multiple references to the movie The Shining in the Toy Story trilogy, the cups of coffee in Fight Club, even Donald Duck, Mickey and Goofy showing up at King Triton’s entrance in The Little Mermaid. …