Disney’s The Little Mermaid gave us more than just a heroine that liked boys and hoarding shiny things. BTW, #LifeGoals.

The Little Mermaid Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

The 1989 musical fantasy gave us something to share with generations of little girls and boys who dream of being a prince or princess or, in my case, the evil antagonist. Ugh, being the hero was always so dull.

It also helped fuel our obsession with anything mermaid. I mean, who doesn’t love a glittery mermaid pillow or long, flowing, mermaid-like hair?

I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since the film was released in theaters! To celebrate, our friends at Disney sent my daughter and I an amazing package so that we can host our own Girl’s Movie Night!

Hosting A Little Mermaid Movie Night

Movie night isn’t just for the kiddos; parents who loved The Little Mermaid when they were younger will also enjoy a mermaid-themed movie night!

Here are a few gizmos, whooz-its, whats-its, and snarfblats that will make your movie night Mermaid-tastic while you enjoy The Little Mermaid with your family!

The Little Mermaid Flounder

Share with us! What is your favorite song from The Little Mermaid?

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