The Truth About LuLaRoe: Why I Quit Selling

I started this post about selling LuLaRoe nearly a year ago, but it has sat in my drafts because I was so fed up with the whole experience, I couldn’t stand to even write about it. I’ve had many people ask me why I quit selling and why I never recommended selling to anyone else. I figured it was time to post about my experience.

When I started buying LuLaRoe leggings four years ago, I was in love with them, just as most women were. That being said, just because you love a product doesn’t mean you should start selling the product.

I first approached my husband about the idea of selling LuLaRoe nearly 3 years ago when I saw the fanatical response to them in Facebook groups. Already a blogger, I wanted something that would keep me home with the kids, keep us afloat financially during less busy times with our blog, and honestly, it just looked like fun!

I’m more of a spontaneous decision maker; my husband, a more sensible numbers man. But, between the two of us, we analyzed groups and sales and investments and the room we had in our house for inventory. All of this research ultimately led to our deciding to invest over $6000 initially. This investment included our start-up LuLaRoe inventory, of which we had no choices regarding styles or designs.

We chose one of three packages available (which are no longer). These packages told us only the styles, the amount of each size in that style, and how long we’d wait for our inventory. Our wait ended up being around 4 weeks; a very short time to wait compare to new consultants joining these days, apparently. In fact, at one point, I heard of waiting lists that were months long!

The first few months of selling were amazing! We would average around $3k-5k per pop up, whether it was online, on Facebook or during an in-home event. Then, sales started to dwindle and we were afforded less and less inventory because we had to split our profit between buying more stock and paying off our investment.

Things just got worse from there.

Leggings shortages started to happen. There was suddenly such a huge influx of consultants investing their money to join that even the starter packages no longer came with leggings – you had to purchase those separately. It’s no secret that LuLaRoe’s big draw and biggest seller is their leggings. We were told on numerous occasions that we needed to push other items, that we needed to learn how to sell correctly, and not just rely on the leggings. 

This was difficult to do because our shipments of leggings would include 20-30 of the exact same color, one of which was a horrific mustard color that no one wanted because it was everywhere!

Then came more issues with the leggings. There were numerous complaints about holes in the leggings, seams ripping easily or arriving already ripped, and lots of returns from our customers. Most of the items that LuLaRoe sells are not made in the USA. 

Some items sell better in certain locations. Some items sit on your shelves for weeks, months, maybe even longer – if you’re in business that long.

After a year and a half, we still had items that were part of our initial package. We’re told that we can’t sell below MAP (which is their suggested retail pricing) because it hurts other consultants and cheapens the brand’s image. We weren’t allowed to create our own websites; we could only sell in the Facebook group we create for “our business” or at in-home pop-ups.

I have friends that still sell and they do well because they’re constantly working at it. I also have friends that have caved under the weight of the same issues we had but weren’t lucky enough to exit as soon as we did. My experience and this post is among hundreds, maybe thousands, and has soured me against direct sales. Any direct sales, especially ones for which you need to keep a large inventory on hand.

The brand has since added a ton of new styles of clothing, including dresses and tops. I still indulge in the occasional purchase, especially if it means supporting friends, but for me, the cost still isn’t justified.

Please note that I quit selling nearly two years ago as of 2018 and things may have changed at LuLaRoe. I still purchase to support my friends who sell, but I wouldn’t recommend selling.

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