The Walt Disney Family Museum In San Francisco: How Disney Changed The World #Waltagram

Would it surprise you to learn that Alice In Wonderland actually started as a comedy series? Perhaps you might not know that Walt Disney’s very first character, Oswald the rabbit, was a character that Walt lost the rights to but inspired a certain well-known mouse? Or, perhaps that several times throughout Walt’s life, his creations and dreams almost came to a complete stop, but he kept pursuing through the worst stumbles and even a strike?

Disney Family Museum

All these fascinating stories and the history of Walt Disney, throughout his life and career, can be seen and enjoyed at San Francisco’s own Walt Disney Family Museum.

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The Walt Disney Family Museum guides visitors through Walt’s fascinating life and career. We see the creative steps towards his tremendous successes and his disappointments and failures. His continued optimism and his love for animation kept him going and thank God, or we wouldn’t have the beloved movies, memorable cartoons, and beloved characters we have today.

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Walt Disney influenced popular culture and changed the 20th century through pioneering animated and live-action films, television programs, theme parks, and other new technologies. His story is told through innovative, interactive galleries. Enjoy a tour of early drawings and animation, movies, music, and listening stations featuring his own voice and the voices of others who influenced him and were influenced by him, finally ending at a breathtaking 13-foot model of Disneyland as Walt originally envisioned it.






The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in a historic brick building on the main post of San Francisco’s Presidio, the 40,000-square-foot museum includes more than 200 video screens, a museum store, learning center, special exhibits, and Fantasia-themed theater showing Disney classics six days a week.

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