Because I live in a small town, it’s easy for me to drive anywhere in the city in less than 10 minutes. Even if I’m headed to the local major city, it still only takes me less than 15 minutes. 

Often when I travel for work, press trips, or blogging events, you’ll find me in an Uber. Uber rates beat cab rates in most major cities, especially if you’re traveling shorter distances. Even if I know where I’m going, which is rarely ever, it’s nice to arrive at my meeting or a convention not drenched in sweat from the walk.

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When take an Uber, there’s no need to pay for parking, you get picked up right at your door, and if you’re traveling in a group, no one gets stuck being the designated driver.

If you’ve not used Uber before, and are thinking about using the service while shopping in the city, date night, girls’ night out, or for a meeting, here are some great tips for first time Uber users!

Get Ready, Be Ready For Uber

Download the Android App or iOS app to your phone and only request a driver when you are absolutely ready. Once they’ve arrived, they’re ready to drive, and may leave if you’re not outside to meet them. If your location is hard to find, such as your house number being hidden or you live on an often missed street, text or call the driver to let them know.

Uber This Way

Uber drivers use GPS in their car to get you where you need to go the best way possible. However, if you’d like a different route let the driver know.

Chivalry Is Not Dead

More often than not, but depending on the driver, an Uber driver has opened the door for me and even loaded my luggage.

If you are easily car sick, you do not have to sit in the back. But, because many drivers keep their paperwork up front with them, ask if it’s okay to ride shotgun.

To Tip Or Not To Tip

Uber says that tipping is NOT required, but like any service, their drivers certainly welcome the extra green in cash. Make sure to give them a good rating on the app if you enjoyed the ride, as well.

Are You Going My Way?

Uber has a carpooling option called uberPOOL, allowing passengers to co-ride if they are heading in the same direction. But, if you prefer not to share a ride with strangers, then opt for another Uber option.

Ready to become an Uber rider? Click this link and use coupon code AMSIDEC10 for $10 off your first ride!

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