Toddler Shoes From #Disney and Stride Rite

Disney Stride RiteReview-Giveaway Disclosure

Now that my daughter is old enough to appreciate the magic of Disney, it’s been nothing but Disney movies, Disney clothes, Disney shoes – I’m honestly surprised we don’t have Disney branded toilet paper adorning our bathroom or wallpaper covering our house. It only makes sense that once she saw the new Disney variety of shoes that Stride Rite has, she needed a pair. Needed, her words.

Whether your little one is walking the neighborhood or walking though Disney World, they will love the comfort of the Stride-Rite Disney shoes! Stride Rite does research on how children walk and grow which have helped develop important breakthrough’s and new technology in children’s footwear. It’s not just footwear; Stride Rite ensures proper fit and durability to help your child’s feet develop properly.

So, sure, their shoes are all tech and proper, but kids don’t care. They care about their favorite characters and how fast they can run – or how fast they feel like they’re running – and how cute their shoes are. My daughter was thrilled when she got her Minnie Mouse Stride Rite shoes!

Stride Rite

The Stride Rite for Disney Wish Lights collection includes Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, Belle, and Ariel styles that feature new Wish Lights technology with a heart-shaped princess gem that lights up with every step. Tell me about any little girl that wouldn’t LOVE that?!

For the mini-Mouseketeers, Stride Rite has the new Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Soft Motion by Stride Rite and Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Soft Motion by Stride Rite and both are super cute, which makes me wonder – where are they in MY size?

You can purchase the new Disney line of shoes from Stride Rite online from their site. Be sure to follow Stride Rite on Facebook and on Twitter to keep updated on new styles and lines before anyone else.


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