Imagine if you could design the perfect bag with which you would travel anywhere. What would the bag feature? Maybe it would be waterproof to protect your most valuable items, like your laptop and camera. Would it also have a power feature so you could charge your phone as fast as it would if it were connected to the wall? What if it was solar powered so it would save you from having to find plugs for you chargers and phones?

Thanks to my new BirkSun Solar Backpack, I no longer have to carry multiple chargers with me on press trips. My backpack has a built-in battery that is charged by the sun, not some hard-to-find power outlet.

Birksun Solar Backpack

Besides being super convenient, providing me with power for my tech wherever I go, my BirkSun Solar Backpack is practical and comfortable. 

It’s not some hideously weird looking contraption straight out of a Frankenstein movie, either. It looks like a normal backpack, save for the fact that it has an almost seamless looking waterproof, scratch resistant, solar panel on the front of it!

It features padded straps and uber-padded strips on the backpack itself so no matter how much you’re carrying, the backpack stays comfortable. Even with all those features, the backpack itself weighs only 3 lbs!

Birksun Solar Backpack has comfortable straps and padded strips

The BirkSun products are also made with YKK zippers – the best, most durable available. The top carrying handle has trail-tested stitching, and there’s even a padded fleece sleeve for laptops up to 15″. It so soft in there!

Birksun Solar Backpack is the perfect bag for any traveler

The front pocket features several smaller pockets and the battery. This pocket is perfect for all the things you need to quickly access, like the battery, your cell phone, or pens.

I love the simplicity of the Mythos Black Edition, but BirkSun has a few colors – including white, gray, navy, pink, and blue – from which to choose along with different designs.

The BirkSun Solar Backpacks are perfect for every traveler, no matter where you travel. Check out their products online and be sure to follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

I received my BirkSun free to facilitate my review; all opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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