Ultra HD TVs and in store events now at BestBuy #UHDatBestBuy

Ultra HD TVs and in store events now at BestBuy #UHDatBestBuy

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Seeing your first Ultra HD television is like seeing the most amazing, jaw dropping sunset for the first time. It’s that day when you’re just browsing your local Best Buy – maybe waiting for your laptop to be repaired or for your spouse to upgrade their phone – and you see it; it stops you in your tracks. It makes you stare in disbelief and realize that your high tech, HDTV at home is no longer that impressive.

It’s the day that you were glad that you stopped at Best Buy during their Ultra HD in-store events, happening now at a store near you!

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Why You Want An Ultra HD TV From Best Buy

Did you know that, with the Ultra HD TVs, you get four times the picture resolution of Full HD 1080p? That is a noticeable difference, for sure!  The increased pixel allows you to sit very close for a fully immersive experience, so you’ll now be pushing your kids out of the way of the TV to steal the best seat in the house.

The new Ultra HD improves the quality of all current movie and television shows to a gorgeous nearly 4k Ultra HD quality. Plus, you can enjoy increased content as Sony has introduced a 4K Ultra HD Media Player that comes loaded with free 4K content and the ability to download more than 200 4k films.

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Visit a Best Buy store near you to experience and learn about Ultra HD TV. In-store events are every Saturday 11am to 3pm until November 1st when you can meet with experts from LG, Samsung and Sony. You can also enter for a chance to win your own 55” Ultra HD TV (includes installation & Geek Squad Protection) – just visit the site for more information!

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