We had the chance to review the VIZIO SmartCast Crave Go speaker with a ton of useful features and amazing sound. With Chromecast built-in, Multi-room pairing capabilities, and a convenient mobile design – could this be the best speaker we’ve reviewed?

I’m a little late to the game but lately, I’m obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack. I’ve never seen the musical; have you tried to get a ticket? It’s impossible. But, I have easy access to the soundtrack and I love it! Even the kiddos have their favorite song and, like me, walk around singing it under their breath. This means that, since everyone in the house is now addicted to the musical, we must blast it at volume. But, it also has to sound good.

VIZIO 2017 Crave Go

The design of the speaker is very modern. The front has an attractive silver grille and the top and bottom are rounded. This means the speaker can’t stand on its own, but it does have a foldable kickstand on the back that aims the speaker upwards. Also on the back is a USB port that allows you to charge other devices, a DC port for the speaker itself, an auxiliary port, and power button.

The back of the VIZIO Crave Go speaker has a charging port, kickstand, and aux port.

The Crave Go is definitely lightweight enough to carry with you and the construction seems very durable so far. The back of the speaker is mostly a soft, rubber-like material which makes it easy to grip but at the bottom of my purse, found plenty of dust and fuzz that was tough to just wipe off.

Another downside was that the only indication light was on the back and it’s to indicate power. There’s no way from the front to tell if the speaker is on or off so quite a few times I drained the battery by forgetting to turn it off. Some reported having a difficult time connecting it via Bluetooth, but I had no issue whatsoever. 

The convenient location of the controls on the VIZIO Crave Go

The sound decibel goes as loud as 88db and the bass goes as low as 75hz. I love the sounds of the Crave Go because the sound wasn’t so loud as to affect the quality and the bass was right on!

I also love how the buttons are conveniently located along the side of the speaker making them easy to access. They have a soft rubber feel, so they’re comfortable. Most of my speakers require constant power, but with the Crave Go, you can charge it and use wirelessly for up to 6 hours!

With the VIZIO Crave Go, you can stream your favorite music from apps like Spotify, Pandora, and more. You can also use voice control to control your Crave Go using Google Home and connect all your VIZIO SmartCastâ„¢ Crave Wireless Speakers for seamless listening throughout your home.

Or, you know, blast your favorite song from Hamilton!

The VIZIO Crave Go retails for $199.99 on VIZIO’s website or save $50 when you purchase from Amazon.

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