Recently, the folks at VIZIO asked us to review and share with you our thoughts on the newest TV in their SmartCast line of Home Theater Displays, the VIZIO M50-D1 SmartCast. Having had such luck with our “old” VIZIO, we jumped at the chance. Hubby was all too excited at the thought of hanging a 50″ screen in our bedroom. I, of course, didn’t argue.

When we moved into our new home two years ago, the need for a TV upgrade was obvious. We moved from a 900 sq. ft. house to a 2300 sq. ft. house and our 42″ TV on new entertainment wall looked like a child’s toy. We researched heavily and invested in a new (at the time) 65″ VIZIO television that we love!

The VIZIO M50 D-1 SmartCast Television

When a box with stats this impressive arrives at your doorstep, one gets a little giddy. It’s surprisingly light for a 50″ display and it’s sleek features fit well with anyone’s decor. No gaudy plastic feet to hold this sucker up! Check out those sexy steel-calibrated stems 😉 And, starting at around $700, the price is a steal for all that it has to offer.

VIZIO M-Series SmartCast Home Display Features

The VIZIO M-Series SmartCast TVs are available from 50″ to 80″ models. You can play content from cable, satellite set-top boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray players and more and the VIZIO SmartCast app  or the Google Cast app allows you to access available smart content on your screen, turning your smartphone or tablet into a powerful touch-screen remote.

Unlike our television downstairs, on our new VIZIO display, we can enjoy (and I do mean E-N-J-O-Y) UHD (4k+HDR) movies from streaming Apps like Vudu or Netflix, or from cable and satellite providers. And, once we upgrade to a UHD player (which IS on our holiday wish list) new movies on the VIZIO M-Series home theater display will rock!

VIZIO M-Series Android Remote

The M-Series models come with a 6-inch Android tablet INCLUDED along with a wireless charging dock. The tablet acts as the remote onto which you can download apps such as SmartCast and Google Cast, but both apps work on the iOS and Android device of your choice. But really, how many televisions do you have that come with an Android tablet?

In addition to the SmartCast app, you can use individual apps like those from Netflix, Vudu, HBO Go, etc, on the included tablet or on your own device. You could stream content from HBO Go on your phone or tablet just by pressing the “Cast” button in the corner which sends it your display, after which you could watch something else on the tablet. Mind. Blown.

VIZIO’s M-Series also feature HDR for a more realistic, brighter, and more colorful picture, a 240Hz refresh rate for smoother action scenes, two 10W speakers and DTS Studio Sound, 5 high-speed HDMI inputs for a complete home theater connection, and two USB inputs.

VIZIO M-Series UHD display

Oh, did we mention yet the VIZIO SmartCast app’s intuitive tap and voice-based controls that let you easily control your VIZIO SmartCast display? Yes, voice-based!  At the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, you can power on or off your display, adjust the volume, switch inputs, play and control streaming content and much more!

We are, so far, super impressed with our new VIZIO Home Theater Display and I now spend more time watching television in our bedroom that I do downstairs. I’m hoping soon to upgrade our current 65″ VIZIO to a 65″ M-Series, and I doubt that my husband will argue.

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