One of my family’s favorite shows is Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet and on the Discovery Channel. Each episode of the show follows world-renowned builder Pete Nelson and his crew as they build one-of-a-kind treehouses. This month, my husband and I stayed the night in one of his most loved and beautifully built treehouses, Little Red. 

It is definitely one of the coolest places to vacation in Ohio and it’s worth the drive!

*I was invited by The Mohicans and provided an overnight stay in exchange for this post. Opinions are my own.

Treehouse Masters Little Red Treehouse in The Mohicans

Treehouse Masters Little Red Treehouse in The Mohicans

It’s called Little Red and was originally constructed as a brewery and tasting center for the owner’s Treehouse Brewing Beer company.

Pete Nelson and his crew from Nelson Treehouse Supply, along with a local Amish crew, constructed the treehouse in March 2013. Much to my husband’s dismay, the interior no longer houses the brewery. Instead, it has been renovated to allow overnight lodging.

The Little Red treehouse sleeps two people comfortably and has a kitchen with running water

Neither my husband or I had a treehouse growing up. But if we had, this is exactly the treehouse we’d have begged our parents to build. 

Complete with 360° views of all the nature and majestic trees that your eyes can handle, staying in Little Red in the middle of The Mohicans is the epitome of living a childhood dream, or the best version of camping if you’re not the camping type. 

And that 5-foot stained glass window! There’s so much natural light in this treehouse that it will feel like you’re sleeping outside, but without all the bugs.

Little Red was featured on Treehouse Masters and is perfect for an overnight stay or weekend getaway for 2

What We Found Weird About Staying In A Treehouse

As my husband and I sat at the table and chairs atop the gorgeous wrap around deck, we found that time moved really slowly. I can’t explain this phenomenon, but in this break from our hectic, busy lives, time slowed. This is 100% true; I’m not trying to be poetic for the sake of this article. Time slowed, our minds were calmed, and we talked and enjoyed each other’s company for the first time in a long time. 

We were surrounded by lush green trees. We watch a dozen little chipmunks chase each other as they ducked in and out of ground holes they’d dug. We listened to the birds call to each other. We sipped on cold beers and breathed in the freshest air we’d ever experienced. It was odd for us because we couldn’t remember when we’d been this calm and relaxed.

Do this, people. Go sleep in a treehouse and remember what it’s like to enjoy time as it moves at its slowest pace.

FAQs About Sleeping In A Treehouse

Q: I’m not really into “roughing it.” How far are we from civilization?

A: The treehouses in The Mohicans are in Gelnmont, OH, a small village in Holmes County. It’s about two hours south of Cleveland. You’re about half an hour from restaurants and shopping in nearby Loudonville.

Q: Did I mention I’m not really into camping or “roughing it” in the woods?

A: The treehouses in The Mohicans are perfect for you! Think of it as glamping in Ohio. These are luxury treehouses, complete with kitchens with running water, indoor bathrooms (and sometimes outdoor showers), heat, and yes – air conditioning. We even enjoyed a queen sized bed and a flat screen television! (No cable, bring some DVDs or a Google Chromecast) The roads are mostly unpaved, so have good tires or, preferably in the rainy season, 4-wheel drive.

What's a treehouse without a swing? Each treehouse has it's own swing.

Q: Pics or it didn’t happen. What about cell service?

A: If you have Verizon Wireless as your carrier, you’re *mostly* in luck. We have Verizon and while there were a few limited areas where our service didn’t work, we were mostly able to post our butts off on social media. Other carriers, I’m told, have a tougher time finding service. This means that you should print the directions before you come, just in case, and don’t rely on GPS.

Q: What if I don’t know how to build a campfire?

A: Campfires are amazing and the treehouses have their own designated fire pits very near to your treehouse, but there is also a small grill that you can use. Don’t forget, though, you also have a kitchen with a hot plate. I even cooked bacon and eggs! They also have coffee makers, cream and sugar, and a tea kettle.

Q: What’s the parking situation?

Most of the treehouses allow parking within just a few feet. Little Red, the one we stayed in, was a bit of an uphill hike. The parking is about a 2 minute walk up an incline approximately 30 degrees. You climb 2 flights of stairs and walk across a 30-foot suspension bridge that’s strong enough to hold several elephants. Have an electric car? There is a place to charge it at the Grand Barn.

Q: What should I pack?

A: We’re going to post an entire article on this, but basically, here’s the skinny. Each kitchen has plates, silverware, cookware, and cups – coffee and wine glasses. There is a mini fridge (that sucker is COLD!), a microwave, a toaster, coffee maker with filters and coffee, and a 2-burner electric cook top. There’s even linen on your queen bed and towels. You’ll need to bring charcoal if you’re going to grill, whatever food you want to cook, spices, ice, and whatever toiletries you need.

Q: When the treehouse is a rockin… wait, DOES it rock?

A: Yep! Only slightly. I mean, it’s built into a tree or four. So if you’re walking on the suspension bridge, your kids are running in the treehouse or ***when you have sex*** it does, in fact, rock the house.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Of course – absolutely! The approach might be challenging if you’re not great at climbing stairs, but there are no holes inside the treehouse (through which trees grow), there are no holes large enough to fall through, the decks have railings, and the treehouse is secured with steel beams.

What it's like to sleep in a treehouse and what you should pack

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