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Most of the time, when I forget my phone, it’s because I’ve plugged it in to charge. I have to keep the charging cords out of the way of the cat so she doesn’t chew them, which means out of sight, out of mind. Because we’re charging our phones every day, the cord starts to wear from constantly pulling the cord while plugging in and unplugging.

We found a great solution that lets us easily and quickly start to charge and take our phone with us without having to unplug. It’s a wireless charging pad for iPhone! I received a Duracell Powercase and Powermat Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone to facilitate my review; all opinions are my own and not influenced.

wireless charging
The Duracell PowerMat wireless charging pad, along with the PowerCase battery case, help iPhone owners more easily power and protect their phones, whether at home or on the go. The PowerCase has a built-in 2000 mAh battery so you have up to twice your standard battery power in addition to the protection that the case provides against bumps and dints.

How The Duracell Wireless Charging PowerMat Works

The PowerMat allows users to charge their iPhone battery, as well as the PowerCase, by just placing their phone on the mat. There’s no need for plugging in and unplugging – that’s a HUGE convenience! If you’re somewhere your PowerMat isn’t, the case still allows you to charge your PowerCase with a micro USB cable with the USB port on the case.

The PowerMat has a Smart Power function that stops sending power to your device once it’s fully charged, so it saves additional costs there, too. Nice. The PowerCase also comes precharged so you have double the battery power instantly, as soon as you open the case and pop it on your iPhone. Sweet. And, it’s a certified “Made for iPhone” product and it’s a Duracell product, so you know you’re using a quality product. Awesome.

Since it’s certified Made for iPhone product, you can purchase the Duracell PowerMat wireless charging device with the PowerCase from the online Apple Store for around $119. You can also download the accompanying battery level app.

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