Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers safe for your home? We assumed they were since they’re such a popular retail product and used by millions. But, after our home was damaged by the plug-in products, we started to wonder if the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers are toxic.

When we built our new home in 2014, I was pretty consistent about keeping it clean and smelling good. I knew that our friends and family would be popping in, most of them unexpectedly, to see the home we’d just built. Because I have two curious cats and two very active kids, we try not to burn candles, especially since most of them leave soot marks above where they’ve been burned.

We started using Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. They seemed simple and made sense; just plug in wherever you need a light scent and, of course, there’s so many scents from which to choose. We really enjoyed using them, that is, until we saw the damage that they can cause.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers cause damage to our home

Seeing this, I was crushed. First of all, it’s our new home where most everything is still pristine. Second, this damage is in my sunroom; it’s my relaxing place, my sanctuary. It’s my favorite room in the entire house. Then, I started to wonder what else in my home was damaged and if the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers were harmful to the air my family and I were breathing. Is it possible that Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are not safe for pets?

Reaching Out To Bath and Body Works

I was immediately sick to my stomach because, besides the damage to our home, what kind of damage is it doing to our lungs and our kids’ lungs if it does this to a wood surface. I never thought to look at the ingredients, assuming that they were essential oils.

I tweeted out the photo and a day later, was sent a DM from the brand. They gave me a number to call. My initial conversation with Bath and Body Works/White Barn Candle Co. wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped, but I wasn’t surprised.

I spoke first with Sheree. She seemed surprised by the photo, saying “Wow! I am so sorry… about that.” That gave me a little bit of hope, positive that she’d understand our concern and why we threw the rest of our Wallflowers in the trash.

Her first statement to me was that the brand suggests and “lists on the plugs themselves, a 12 inch clearance between the product and anything else.” She asked me if I thought it was at least 12 inches away, as if she already knew it wasn’t.

First, she told me that this warning is listed on the plug itself, which I didn’t see. She clarified that it’s actually on “that plastic part that you have to take off in order to plug it in.” If you’re like us, however, you’ve likely had the same plugins for a while and only order Wallflower refills. 

Guess what – the refills have NO WARNING other than to keep away from children and pets and something about calling the Poison Control Center. YIKES!

She admitted, she doesn’t “read the fine print either” which, I suppose, is comforting, but if she’s not reading it, then who’s to say we are?

“Going forward, that’s just what we suggest, is the 12 inch clearance because the oil diffuses out of there… if you’re unhappy with the product, you’re more than welcome to take it back to the store, maybe, if that’s something you’re interested in doing,” she said to me. 

She said to me that I could get a refund if I have my receipt, or the lowest price in exchange for a gift card if I didn’t. As if I wanted more product from them. I even let her know that we’d be sharing on our site because we believe that if their products cause this kind damage, people should know about it. We also suggested that we would be looking into other courses of action, at which point, she had a bit more to say.

“As far as the damage done to the home by the product, is that what your, like, main concern is about?” Seriously? Why else would I be calling?! She said that, at that point, it would be sent to their Resolution Management Team. It seemed promising at this point.

She also added that I needed to send the product back for quality assurance purposes and they’d send me a gift card for the amount of that items. My instinct was actually to hang onto it in case this escalated. Besides, did I really want a Bath and Body Works gift card? Nope.

Bath and Body Works Resolution Management Team

It seemed promising. I received a call from Natasha from Gallagher Bassett. They are a Claims Services Provider – essentially a 3rd party in this issue – whose Google description says they “…guide those suffering a loss to the best outcomes for their futures.”

She verified that we still had the product and that we had taken photos and that they were posted on social media. 

She also offered me a Bath and Body Works gift card because “with that warning label [Bath & Body Works] wouldn’t be liable because it asks for a 12-inch clearance.”

I verified that the warning is “small print that appears on a disposable band that’s put on the product.” She confirmed. She also confirmed that they’re not on any of the refills.

She also confirmed that the only resolution they were willing to offer was a $50 gift card because they didn’t believe they were, at all, liable. I told her that because of the damage to our home, it’s unlikely we’ll be purchasing any more Bath & Body Works products. She said she would note that in the account.

*It should be noted that a few weeks after this post, we were contacted by Bath & Body Works. They offered small compensation to repair the damage which we accepted. However, we still no longer purchase or use the Bath & Body Works Wallflower units.

No Longer A Bath and Body Works Customer

That was the end of our attempt at a resolution. Since that conversation, we’ve not received any additional correspondence from the brand; one to which we were very loyal customers by the looks of my bank account.

We reached out to the company via email to see if we could obtain an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the contents of the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers.

They responded, even getting my name wrong. Twice:

Good Afternoon Dustin,

Thank you for your continued use of Bath & Body Works products; we value loyal customers such as you!

Attached you will find the below MSDS previously requested:

• Wallflower Refills

Dustin, if there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know. We appreciate your shopping with and we look forward to serving you in the future.


Tasha L.
Sr. Customer Care Specialist
Bath & Body Works Direct

The MSDS they sent attached to the email can be found here, but here are a few highlights from the document.

Wallflower MSDS

What are the ingredients in Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

It seems odd to me that something that is supposed to make our home smell better by circulating throughout the air should have these kinds of warnings. The warnings continue…

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers safe for pets or for your home?

If you want more information, I definitely suggest reading the MSDS on the Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. As for me, gift cards or not, I will no longer be purchasing the products. If it does that to my paint, what can it do to our lungs. Or, apparently, our aquatic life. At this time, I’ve haven’t heard anything further from either Bath & Body Works or from resolution management team.

About Author

Dusty is the editor of As Mom Sees It, a family lifestyle and travel site. She is a wife and mother of two in Ohio.

Dusty has been featured on ABC, on Mom Talk Radio and in iBlog Magazine. Her creations have been featured on Craftgawker, DIY Weddings, and in 2013, As Mom Sees It was named one of the Top 50 New Product Review Sites by Cision.

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  1. I cannot believe that it bubbled up the paint like that!!!! That is SO scary, no matter how far away it is from the surface. If it can bubble up paint, what in the world will it do to our lungs, and every other organ in our body! Now, I feel bad for all the fragrance gifts I gave family/friends this Christmas!

    1. That was exactly one of our thoughts and why we won’t be using their products any longer. Thanks for the comment!

      1. I wish I could have posted the picture of my damage as well. Your story was the exact same story as mine..I just spoke with them today! I did not see anything on these products as far as 12 inches! In fact there was no paper work on it! I told the representative that if you buy a kitchen themed wallflower most people aren’t buying it to put in their living room. My house is new too this is disappointing ?

    2. Mine did too! There was nothing within 12 inches! Plenty of space—I thought maybe it was a fluke—now I pulling the plug on the 5/6 wallflowers I have around the house! So afraid what this may have done to my family over the past few years!

  2. I had almost the same exact conversation with them. The paint on my two year old medicine cabinet “melted off” completely. It didn’t even bubble or peel. I Noticed what I thought was condensation and grabbed a damp cloth and wiped, took the cloth away and looked down and saw it covered in paint. I’m waiting for the call from the resolution team. If you go on Consumer Affairs website, you will see various complaints for the same situation. My question to them was, what outlet extends 12 inches away from any wall? I also advised that if that is the case, it should be in writing that can be seen by most people without a magnifying glass! I was also offered gift cards. Sure. That sounds fair. I finally had the money to redo my bathroom after so many years and now if I don’t do something about the raw wood on my one medicine cabinet, it will eventually rot from normal bathroom moisture/condensation. I don’t need my homeowners insurance premiums going up due to a claim like this so I’ll just keep fighting the fight on my own. Good luck with yours. Thanks for posting your story.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this! I don’t think gift cards will help when I’ve told them that I won’t be using their products. Keep fighting!

  3. I noticed that the link you provided for the safety data sheet is not for the wallflower plugins, but for the home aerosol spray. Was this a mistake? I have been searching online for this and have not found it.

    1. When I requested the information from the brand, stating that it’s what I needed, that’s what they sent me.

  4. Dusty, you might want to correct the typo in your last paragraph: “longs” into “lungs”. I took my wallflowers out today after seeing what a little spillage did to the paint on my bedside table – took off the sealer and one coat of paint. Then I started thinking of what inhaling the vapors could do to my system. I don’t think I’ll go through the hassle that you have gone through, though. Just will take all of them back to the store for a refund. I was happy to find your blog and read about someone with a similar problem as mine.

    1. Thanks so much for noticing that! Yes, sadly, I’ve since talked to many who’ve had problems similar to yours or mine. Hopefully they’ll change their formula soon!

  5. I appreciate your message. I have had it with Bath and Body. They have sent me damaged items, leaky wallflowers and non working plug ins. I corresponded via email and was told to bring them back to the store. No. I paid for shipping, why must I be inconvenienced. Their customer service is one of the worse in mass retail. Gallagher Bassett employ professional liars so forget ever getting resolution with them. They need to update their MSDS. It is not accurate. I will never buy their crap ever again. …and that is what they sell…cheap dangerous over priced crap. Good post. Hope it goes viral.

  6. Somehow one of these was unplugged while my husband and I were away on our honeymoon and left on the dog bed. When we got home our puppy was covered in chemical burns. $1600 later she is finally at home recovering but she is still in excruciating pain and has open infected lesions that developed overnight on her feet elbows ears and mouth. We HAVE GOTTEN RID OF ALL OF THESE IN OUR HOME AND WILL NEVER purchase wallflowers again.

  7. The MSDS you referenced is for the carpet foam scent product, not the plugins. However I do agree with you that plug in “air fresheners” should not be used.

  8. Well, I don’t know the problem with them now but I have also used for years & either the fragrance vial doesn’t contain enough of the fragrance oil &/or the plug-ins quit working very rapidly because none of them work any more more than a few weeks–even I attempt to clean the plug -in as I have seen online. I need a good alternative but have yet to find one. The Airwicks & similar do not have fragrances I really like. If anyone has suggestions, please le me know!?

  9. Same thing happened in my kitchen-it literally bubbled the varnish that was on top of the stain on our cabinets-it looked like it had bubbled it right off the cabinets-now how safe is something that can remove a poly coat off stain with nothing but the fumes coming out of those wallflowers!

    1. We’ve been using wax melt burners that are flameless (and up where they can’t be knocked over), as well as a few drops of essential oils in baking soda to freshen the carpets before we vacuum 🙂

      1. I just read a post from someone on FB that said essential oils are bad too. They almost killed her cat! I can send you her post if you’d like? I’ve got wallflowers in every room of my house. No more! And my cat has suffered from diarrhea for years! I’m wondering if they are related?

        1. Essential oils are the concentrated oil from plants. Some plants are harmful and poisonous to cats, especially in a concentrated form! It’s not that essential oils are ‘bad,’ but we have to use common sense when using them. For instance, 1 drop of rose oil is made from approx. 100 rose petals! That’s very potent.

  10. Honestly though, even essential oils, some of which are powerful organic solvents (yes, solvents), will peel finishes and cause damage to plastics, irritate mucous membranes and cause headaches in too great of concentrations. I’m a proponent of essential oils over synthetic fragrances myself, but anything that we breathe into our bodies day in and day out has the potential for harm. Even EO’s are recommended for 30 minutes or so, a couple times a day, and that is usually really enough. Good luck with your repairs though.

  11. I’m sure its a mute point, but I just wanted to let you know that the reason this probably happened is because of the heating element inside of the actual plug. The plug contains a resistor on the inside that is to heat up to ~160F degrees, and the heat dissipated from the electricity warms up the oils to give off the scent. As with any electronic component, the efficiency of the resistor degrades over time and can vary in temperatures up to 180F (a few more degrees and a fuse breaks in the wallflower- it will no longer work as a safety!) and can radiate that heat up to a foot away, as the B&BW rep explained.

    I’m not saying that B&BW is off the hook for this (They really should use higher quality parts in the manufacturing of their plugs), but it most likely wasn’t the oils used. Heat can warp wood, vinyl, and other materials, but warmed up oils generally can’t do that!

    Hope you got the room fixed up! 🙂

  12. Read any MSDS for any product ever and you will think it causes cancer or something, including some of the ingredients in things we consume such as soda or food dye.

    1. Right?! Those warnings are often decontextualized from how the product is designed to be used. Plenty of natural things are toxic too. I’m not trying to be all “pro toxic chemicals” or anything (I mostly use natural or homemade products too), but I also wouldn’t necessarily put much weight on a surface reading of the MSDS.

      Also, I agree with the other poster that it was the heat, not the oils. The oils can stain or build up on the wall, though, hence the clearance warning. Which should be put on the bulbs, I agree. But in the world we live in, you can only get so far with a “who reads the fine print” argument. I sympathize about how disheartening the damage is, and what a letdown it was, but also… Is it really their fault? That’s a tough question (and ostensibly why we have courts, which unfortunately pit an ordinary individual against a huge corporation.) I’m not making that call. But it’s a good question to pose.

      Also, a handful of their scents are the same name as an essential oil, so that could be confusing. But why assume a scent like “Warm Vanilla Sugar” or “Mint Chocolate Latte” or “Boardwalk” (as most of their scents are) were made of essential oils? (Also, they just began a line that actually is made from essential oils, but that’s not super relevant to this conversation.)

      1. We had them for a while and I think it is a combination of heat and the vaporized/volitile oils. Painted or varinshed surfaces will be damaged by exposure to a concentrated oil vapor like this for months on end.

        As far as being toxic…of course it is. Take 50 organic oranges and concentrate their natural oils down and seriously consider if it would be a good idea to drink that. It might have come from something natural, but that by product or extraction is no longer in its natural form.

  13. I think the damage probably has a lot to do with the oil condensation plus the heat.

    I own some of the cheaper Flower Top style Wallflower plugs and found that they heat up to a surprising temperature. I have one of those laser gun thermometers and measured four of the plugs:

    -At the heating element (a white ring surrounding the wick, under the “screen”) all four plugs gave readings averaging 153°F.
    -At the outer “petal” furthest from the heating element all four plugs put out an average of 119.5°F.

    Of course, the temperature will be nowhere near these amounts at a surface 2 to 5 inches away, but it’s gotta be somewhat significant. Say it’s 95°F or even 100°F. If it’s consistent heat, coupled with the condensation from the oil then paint will likely degrade. The fancier Wallflowers styles may produce even more heat since some of them consist of glass.

    I know you said you will not be using Wallflowers any longer, but others who do and have moulding that extends outward from the wall over the plug in may want to get one of those outlet adapters.

    1. Yes this has happened to us today !! The freshener was brand new – used once – bought it 2 days ago!. It was unplugged and put down on our end table. (yes, that was a mistake) It leaked, ate the finish right off the table and ate the finish off the lamp that was beside it. This was NOT caused from the “heat” of it being plugged in. The liquid in the freshener must have solvents in it to do type of damage.

      1. Also, when I was cleaning up the end table I mentioned above, I put the unit onto the TV, not realizing it had the residue of the liquid still on the base unit. It was only there 10 minutes on the TV and it ate through the finish on the TV !!!! That is NOT essential oils; that is a solvent-based liquid.

      2. Ugh! I hate hearing these stories 🙁 I’m sorry. It sucks, too, because they’re such a simple way to keep our homes smelling nice, but they’re so dangerous!

  14. Wow, with that list of warnings; who would still want to have them in their homes. Thanks for the post. I am also a loyal customer of bath and body work and use the wallflower very often. I also use scented candles but from Yankee Candles. I will not buy any more wallflower refills from bath and body works. I don’t even want to think about how much damages they have done to my lungs.

  15. It’s funny that you would think they actually would use essential oils when you can buy the refills so cheap… and do you really think THOSE smells come from essential oils???? What are you expecting for the company to do, come to your house and do the repairs? Seriously people… use your brains? I’ve had someone unplug a wallflower and set it on a side table and it did take the finish off, I’ve had a guest unplug the wall flower and plug it back in upside down and it took the paint off the baseboard… shit happens, move on

    1. We think that the warnings should be more visible and people should be more aware. We didn’t ask them to come to our home, but we were compensated for the damage. Thank you.

      1. You WERE compensated for the damage?? Or you asked to be compensated for the damage?

        Personally, I think you are blowing this way out of proportion, for all of the reasons people have already stated in these comments. That’s neither here nor there. But if they did compensate you for the damage, that is extremely generous of them and that should be in your article!

        (I found my way to this site because my Wallflowers end up smelling burnt after awhile and I was wondering if there was a way to prevent that, reducing the “power” of my outlet or something.)

          1. Jenn, no offense but the “damage” is little paint flaking up. Couple of swipes with a light sandpaper and a dab of paint. Done. How do you price that “project” out, compensation wise?

          2. You know I can’t remember how long ago or what product it was, similar to what these WALLFLOWERS are all about.

            It was one of these Wall Things got so hot and caused a fire in the house. At that time I have never plugged anything in our sockets that could heat up. At times I even get nervous using the night lights we put in sockets that we use in some of our rooms.

  16. WOW! I just googled “Wallflowers and Peeling Paint”

    We just found damage to my husbands guitar that was hanging over one of these on the wall!! This is terrible!!!

  17. One leaked (it was right side up), and spread around a bath trash can and completely destroyed our real hardwood floors. I then set one on the hearth of my fireplace sideways (because it had a pointed glass bulb at the time and wouldn’t stand up) and it leaked and took the color out of the stone in the amount of time it took to clean it up. Then my husband took one out to keep it away from our daughter and it got knocked over and took the finish off our table. It’s really my fault after the first time, but it’s insane they pass health code considering the chemicals they must have.

  18. Hi everyone – I had placed the bag with multiple wallflower refills on my very expensive dinning room table when I got home from store. Be known to me one was not properly sealed and it completely striped the complete wood with the finish and all down to bare wood!!! I could not believe my eyes – the wallflower refill contents works better than paint striper! Will be contacting store – I will NOT use such a harsh product – my family has been breathing these toxic fumes in daily for years – I’m furious that they can sell such a harmful product!!! These need to be recalled for the safety of our lungs — breathing these daily.

  19. This is exactly why everything cost so much nowadays, because people don’t read instructions, something bad happens, and then those people decide they want to be compensated for their own mistakes. Do you think the company pays for these problems? No, they just fold that loss right back into the price that they charge for their products and WE pay for it. So thanks for that.

  20. I mean what did you think it was made of? Does it say “organic” , “natural” “plant based etc anywhere on the package? Probably just like 99% of everything else we use all day everyday I would assume it’s made of chemicals. Choose to use it or not use it.

  21. I didn’t know the thing about the distance but I agree with some of the other replies that it probably has a lot to do with heat. I only use my wallflower for 15-20 minutes at a time and when I unplug it it’s very warm/hot. I plug mine in below a shelf and that shelf has yet to have any damage (it’s wood with shelf liner btw). Also you have to take into account science and how these oils/products react with things like paint and wood. Truly anything that you’re breathing in on a daily basis that isn’t pure air is going to cause some damage to your lungs over time. I have small animals and a small room, hence why I don’t leave mine plugged in for very long. Also, I mean a lot of things don’t react well with paint. I have a pet safe ant repellent that has natural oils in it and it peeled the paint off of a desk of mine. My point being that something doesn’t have to be full of chemicals to have a chemical reaction.

  22. you are an idiot. What do you expect? Get some pouppori, you will never find anyhing that does the job that is “natural” or completely “non-toxic”. I wouldn’t use any mass manufactured product in my home, it is just common sense.

    1. Obviously you lack common sense and common courtesy. Is it really necessary to waste your time commenting on this and calling them an idiot and not even use a name but instead “smarter than you”? Really?

    2. SERIOUSLY!!! Apparently you haven’t used this wall flowers and had the paint bubble off the wall..your not so smart calling names and being negative over facts!

  23. Hi I read your page about Bath and Body Works. I could not believe it! I have a new kitchen gutted and redone. And I am looking under my kitchen cabinets up top and underneath I see a weird stain and I touch it and this oily stuff comes on my fingers so I get a cloth to wipe it off and the stain from the new mind you cabinets comes off on the cloth. So I look in two other parts of my kitchen where I have two other plug ins. One stain is (no exaggeration ) 4 by 14 inches long. The others are not quite that bad. But my kitchen is a year old. It just made me sick. I am still paying for my kitchen and will be for some time. I love bath and body works. But there was no warning on the plug ins. The liquid part.
    I do still use them. But no where in the kitchen or near any cabinets. I cannot imagine how many peoples house cabinets this product has damaged.

    1. Same story with my newly remodeled kitchen…. my work was completed in November and you should see the damage. I absolutely cannot believe this has happened to so many people. You need a magnifying glass to read the warning tucked inside the plug in and NOTHING on the refills.

  24. I just purchased these 2 days ago, and the FIRST THING I saw was the warning about the 12 inch clearance… just saying…

  25. I found this site because I was looking for an alternative to these. I like creating my own fragrances using my own ingredients, and I don’t like having to waste a glass jar every 3 months.
    After reading it I think you’re being a bit light on yourself though.
    If I bought a lamp and put a cover close to the bulb, is the light bulb manufacturer to blame for the hole burned through the cover? Should light bulbs have labels on them?
    As s new homeowner maybe you’re not used to the fact that your simple actions to better your home can cause damage if you don’t think for yourself first – and don’t rely on the labels and fine print to think for you, because no homeowner has time to read all the fine print in everything.
    The simple fact is that anything that dissipates heat from a source should be kept away from anything that might be damaged by it.
    Good luck With your new home and please be careful!

  26. Thank you for writing this article and bringing attention to a potential hazard. I googled bath and body works wallflower leaks and came across your article. I do believe that the quality of their products have significantly declined in the most recent years. I’ve purchased the wallflowers since they first started making them and never had any problems until the past few years. I’ve noticed various issues such as the plug ins stop warming, the refills leaking and even fragrances being overwhelming whereas they didnt use to be. I liked the wallflowers because they were a light fragrant that I didn’t have to worry about giving me a headache but that has definitely changed. I too have noticed stains on the walls, under the kitchen cabinets and areas surrounding and personally I don’t think it’s worth my money anymore. We just bought our home in June of 2017 and had to do a lot of renovation. I am done with fixing anything for a long while and you’ve convinced me it’s definitely not worth keeping these things in my home so I say this sincerely, thank you!!! As for anyone else who feels the need to criticize this article go find somewhere else to voice your unwanted name calling judgements. There are plenty of other platforms to stand on besides passing judgment on someone’s bad experience with a freaking bath and body works wallflower!

  27. When I first bought that wallflower, I read that information about keeping it 12 inches away with no problem. It made so much sense, I didn’t even have to read it to know that. Read the fine print on everything if little things like this are going to make you waste so much of your time contacting the company. There’s people with so many problems out there. No food to eat. They’re dying. Then there’s people who kills themselves over fragrance oils ruining they’re beautiful little homes.

  28. I had used their wall flower plug-ins quite a few years ago. The plug-in had been removed, tipped over and some of the oil spilled out and removed paint in my bathroom. Luckily this happened before we remodeled our bathroom. Would never use any of those type oil plug-ins again. This is not a recent issue with Bath and Bodyworks.

  29. I understand the frustration but really “replace or repair” the windowsill, is a little dramatic. You have every right to complain. But seriously, a light sandpaper and a dab of paint and you are done.It doesn’t even qualify as a repair warranting compensation. Life happens, get your product returned and take the gift card if you don’t have the receipt. If you paid with Credit Card, you won’t need it anyway and should be refunded.

    1. We found the damage is through the paint and to the wood and we aren’t willing to tackle it and risk ruining the whole sill without having someone with more professional skills tackle it.

      1. I just found this today after noticing damaged bubbling paint very similar to the original posters experience. I also have had headaches and other problems which I suspected might have come from the wall flower.
        It is incumbent upon a manufacturer to make sure that their product is safe for its intended purpose. The MSDS open up a lot of questions and do not indicate that these products have been tested to make sure they are safe for humans and pets to breathe. We have immediately removed these from our home and will not be using them again. I’m surprised these products were allowed to get this far without proper testing.

        We will also be more careful about what we do allow in our home..

  30. Wow thanks so much for sharing your story, I’ve been using bath & body wall flowers for years, but I recently read that synthetic scents can be harmful to your health so I begin researching and came across your post. Astonished at the MSDS which i’ve never read or the fine print on the bottles. I think the large retailers count on those who don’t read the fine print so they can continue to dress up and hype this poison that’s being sold to the public, that can be extremely harmful. I will definitely share this information with others that I know use these products as well. I hope all turns out well for you and your family. Thanks again,,

  31. Hi Dusty…as it’s been a year since you wrote this I don’t know if you will even see this comment! But for what it’s worth…I googled the wallflowers’ toxicity, because I just returned from a holistic veterinarian with my 2 cats for a regular checkup after 4 years of ‘none’ because I don’t believe in vaccinations. One of my cats had begun to hide from strangers (handymen, mostly) and noises and started behaving fearfully on and off. The vet discovered her ‘liver heat’ was high and her first question was if I used any type of plug ins. GUILTY! OBSESSED WITH THEM! I live across from a water treatment plant and have done everything to keep the poop-smell out of my house. So, my one cat has a sensitivity or allergy to them and it has caused her liver heat to be affecting her mind (as it rises in the body) which caused her irrational behavior. I now must part with my wax melts, candles, wallflowers, etc. Essential oils only going forward and perhaps some other non-toxic scented items. These companies should be more responsible. It upsets me because the wallflowers have more variety than anywhere I else I have found and last the longest. If they can’t find a way to make them non-toxic, they have just now lost another dedicated customer. Thanks for putting your info out there for people like me to find!

  32. Exact same story – had my cabinets painted last November and used a Wallflower Plug in and the bottom of the cabinet has to be repainted. I am afraid I was not treated as nicely as you by Customer Service. No offer of any compensation or gift card or anything except quick to tell me it is clearly stated in the instructions that they should not be placed any closer than 12″. I have pictures of my damage but could not share them here for some reason. Looks very similar to yours.

    1. I hate to say it, but since I shared it on social media I’m afraid that I was given preferential treatment because I’m a blogger and because of my following. I’m sorry to hear the issues you had 🙁

  33. I had 5 of these and I had one plugged in my kitchen under my brand new cabinets and I have under lighting under my cabinets and it melted the plastic of the light I’m so glad I seen it before a fire started. Then today I had one sitting in my daughters room on a stand and it spilt and took the paint right off as I was cleaning it. It also took the name and picture off a dvd. I’m throwing them away!!

  34. Oh boo hoo. It’s common sense to not put something that’s WARM directly below something. That’s why you use a regular wall outlet close to the floor. You are stupid.

  35. Dido… experienced the same problem with wallflowers plugged in under kitchen cabinets. Had my daughter check her cabinets and same thing. I willing to bet that most BBW customers have one plugged in their kitchen and have damage- they just are unaware of it yet, as they don’t make it a habit to look under their cabinets. I’m calling my local tv station that deals with consumer problems. We need to get the word out there about these plug ins. We too have been a BBW customers for years, but not no more. I believe the combination of the heat and chemicals has done real damage to surroundings.
    Bye bye BBW. – you’ve left your mark on my house and I’m never letting you back in.

  36. The chemical attaches to moisture and poisons it. It says dangerous to aquatic life and has a corn based product in it. The same thing goes for Flex Fuel. It has been known to poison ponds and lakes when they tested it on the east coast.

  37. Had a wall flower in my camper when we leave for the week I put in on the bathroom sink came back it had leaked and ate and cracks Destroying My sink.

  38. I have a wallflower in our bathroom and I started noticing condensation on the mirror and I could see the actual vapor rising. After a few days, I decided I needed to research if that was normal or if my outlets were dangerous. Your article was the first one I read and I subsequently read more than half of the comments. It definitely told me everything I needed to know. I’m glad I caught it before it caused any damage. It really sucks tho because although I can do without most the fragrances they carry, the teakwood is so sultry and calming. Couple that with the soft spa like atmosphere in my bathroom, I’m not happy about having to give it up. But I know if I don’t, damage is likely. Back to airwick I guess. Thanks again for posting so that others could ne warned!

  39. Yes! Cats do not have the ability to process things the same way we do. In high amounts, cinnamon, peppermint, thyme, wintergreen, basil, birch, clove, tea tree, anise, oregano, nutmeg, citronella, parsley, sage, juniper, rosemary, spruce, myrtle, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, celery seed, lime are all toxic to cats. They have to be very thoroughly diluted for use around cats. Cats livers cannot metabolize the compounds in phenols, ketones, alpha pinene or d limonene and over time those compounds can build up ans cause toxicity in them. Common sense and proper safe usage are key with essential oils. Also, very important to only use pure amd unadulterated essential oils and to avoid things listing “fragrance”, which could really be anything. As we can see from bath and body works, lysol, clorox, etc.

  40. That orange oil would then be literal furniture polish. There’s also a citrus based paint stripper, too. But I have experience with solvents in my work. I’m not at all surprised by the accounts of the paint being messed up. It sucks, I had some spill on a table and ruin the top finish, but I recognize that is my fault/ problem.

  41. i hope more than 99% of things i use on a day to day basis is made of chemicals.. im hoping my banana has isoamyl acetate in it. there isnt a choice on using chemicals or not. everything is a chemical. isoamyl acetate sounds scary because woah acetate sounds like acetone, and it can strip varnishes and paint when concentrated. but when its in its normal settings, its literally just what makes up the smell of a banana.

  42. This morning I noticed a plug laying down on my night stand (presumably one that my child unplugged and my wife set there). Upon picking it up, I noticed a sticky, silverish color. I wiped it away and when I went to look at the night stand top, the paint had been polished off.

    The oil came out on the wick and ran down onto our night stand and ate away the paint. I’m now stuck having to file a claim with our furniture insurance, as well as going to be throwing all of our wall flowers.

  43. I took out a partially used one and placed it on my CD rack. When I went to dust some time later, it had leaked all over some CDs and hardened to a substance I couldn’t get off even with a scraper, had to throw out the CD cases—pried them open and broke them to get the CDs out. It would make amazing glue!

  44. I asked what are the ingredients in their Wallflower oil, first email was ignored and after second email I got this responce:

    Thank you for reaching out to us, regarding the ingredients in our Wallflowers.

    The ingredients are as follows:


    Dowanol TPM


    The ingredients for the fragrance oil itself is proprietary to the fragrance house and cannot be shared with customers.

    We appreciate your interest in our brand.

    Case #4686747

    Tonya F.

    Bath & Body Works Customer Service

    I emailed back with that question, haven’t heard back from anybody. :/

  45. I have plug ins in two of my bathrooms, both with white towels. I noticed one day that after cleaning, I had a yellow film over everything! I thought it was a change in my cleaning formula. (Scrubbing bubbles). And perhaps the overspray got on my clean towels folded up under the counter. The plug in entered my mind, but I thought…well this has never happened before. So, changed my cleaner, only to discover it’s still happening after having washed all the whites! I found your article and will no longer be using them. I skimmed through the comments and didn’t see anything about this type of discoloration. By the way… these bathrooms don’t even get used… so no steam or anything. I’m mystified.

    1. Ugh. So frustrating. I really do miss the pleasant smell, but not at the cost of the damage they cause. Thanks for the comment!

  46. This picture is clearly a fake edit. This is an amateur Photoshop that could be recreated in a matter of 2 minutes. Look at the shadowing on the “bubbles” (there is none,) the sharp lines on these so called “bubbles” are so dramatically sharp. Also, all of the indention going inward is a clear indication it is fake, wood doesn’t melt and go inward like that.

    1. This most definitely is NOT photoshopped and, in fact, the damage is still there because we didn’t plan on fixing it until this spring.

  47. I know this is over a year old at this point. But, I saw these at the mall yesterday. There so many, I thought about buying them, but years ago when I still bought BBW products, I remember them being too strong. Went to bed last night still smelling like BBW and not liking it, which prompted me to do a search on them… really contradictory and concerning that the MSDS for these says both “do not release into the environment” and “use outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.” The latter is the kind of thing you definitely don’t want in your home! Now I remember why I don’t use chemical air fresheners in the house–I’d rather smell like wet dog.

    1. Wow! That is disturbing. If it helps, I have an old saucepan that I don’t use anymore for food. I add water, a few drops of essential oils, and herbs and simmer it.

  48. I purchased over 50 wallflowers scents over a last three months great sales I might say. Now that I ran to this article only because I wanted to know how long they lasted, and I have went through all comments I will defiantly keep a watch over the wallflowers. I have added them to my floor outlets all over my house. Great information hopefully everyone who purchased these read these as an caution. I not taking my back just yet but this information is great and it keeps others aware thanks for sharing.

  49. Hi Dusty, Have you tried WallFlowers – Aromatherapy?
    It says they are made of natural essential oils.

    Is it safe?

  50. I wish I could upload my picture here, but these wallflowers literally turned my plastic camper sink into PUTTY!! It’s destroyed, I can push the plastic around with my finger. I’m sick thinking about having to replace my sink because of a stupid plug in. I also have the finish eaten right off my dresser where it tipped. What would it do to carpet? I’ve often wondered as well, how harmful is it to our lungs and pets?

  51. I cannot be sure, however we have had wallflowers in my bathroom for a few months now and I have been experiencing unbelievable stomach issues. Those emit their fumes directly under our medicine cabinet. I cannot believe this is from 2017 and yet still same labeling. Also, MSDS is not available in uour link, can you fix please?

  52. I cannot be sure, however we have had wallflowers in my bathroom for a few months now and I have been experiencing unbelievable stomach issues, truly excruciating. Those emit their fumes directly under our medicine cabinet. I cannot believe this is from 2017 and yet still same labeling.

  53. “I wouldn’t use any mass manufactured product in my home, it is just common sense”….. so you have no refrigerator, oven, furniture, stove, washer, dryer, etc. in your house “smarter than you”, is that what you’re saying?

  54. No offence, Dusty, but all this could have been avoided if you had read the 12 inch rule, which I noticed when I first bought wallflowers, not that I needed to because, like others have said, it’s common sense to make sure to leave enough room between something that uses heat and other objects. Furthermore, like others have also stated, basically everything you breathe in that isn’t oxygen has the potential to irritate and cause harm in high enough doses… MSDS sheets do not represent the typical reaction to typical usage of these products. I honestly think you should have used better judgement and since I work in retail myself (for a pet store, not B&BW) you come off as “that kind of customer”… you know… the bitchy, whiny customer that clearly didn’t use the product properly but wants to blame someone else for it and makes a huge thing about it to see if the corporation will throw money at them to shut them up… don’t be that customer… suck it up and learn from your mistake.

    1. This isn’t a “just me” situation. And, I purchased the refills quite long after I purchased the plug-ins; the refills do not warn customers as clearly. I appreciate your comment.

  55. If you left a puddle of water on a table for an extended period, most wood sealants would be ruined and water is not a solvent. If there is any type of oil in a liquid and left on paint, it will eat through paint and likewise when exposed to warm vaporized oils. If you all do not want to breathe in anything toxic, you will have to invest in respirators with pure oxygen and walk around in a bubble the rest of your life. This thread has sent folks off the cliff with hysteria and you are feeding into a collective “victim” frenzy. For those of you with a wallflower in many rooms of your house on 24×7, you ARE overexposing yourselves and your pets regardless of what is in the bulb. Maybe step back and think of a sane, reasonable route and plug one in occasionally when you have guests or an hour or two an evening in an outlet that has nothing in close proximity. Take some responsibility for your actions and quit blaming it on others when something goes wrong because of your miscalculation.

  56. Very well put, common sense to everyone. It’s called a wallflower for a reason…not an under the shelf, under a ledge, under anything. Sounds like a money grab for your own mistake. And to say you will not use any products from them, really that’s your choice but trying to tarnish their reputation isn’t. They offered several compensations but you wanted money. You even make it sound like you threatened a lawsuit. Hmmm and you accepted their offer, what does that say about you? Especially because you didn’t read the fine print. Sad trend in our society…blame someone else and try to get something for nothing.

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